How are the highways, turnpikes? Know before you go with updated Drive Oklahoma mobile app



The Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s mobile application for Apple and Android phones has a new name and a new look to assist motorists. Drive Oklahoma continues to provide real-time traffic and road condition data for highways, interstates and, now for the first time, includes Oklahoma’s turnpikes.

“Placing ODOT and Oklahoma Turnpike Authority data into a single, phone-friendly format gives the traveling public easier access to the information they need to successfully make a trip across town or across the state,” said Terri Angier, Oklahoma Transportation spokeswoman, who also is interagency liaison for state transportation agencies. “An informed driver is a safer driver. The information contained in this app can be used to avoid traffic backups and work zones, keeping drivers and workers safe.”

The department originally debuted its free mobile app in summer 2019 under the ODOT name and has continued to fine tune the app’s traffic tools such as adding turnpike data throughout and the snow plow cameras to the inclement weather road conditions map. While motorists may drive different facilities, the two agencies wanted to make it easier to navigate trips with all travel information in one mobile app.

“With recent state rebranding efforts and the ability to now provide one-stop shopping for interstate, state highway and turnpike traffic data, the timing seemed right to upgrade the name and look of the app to better reflect what motorists will find when they download it,” Angier said. “The two agencies look forward to furthering this partnership and continuing to enhance these navigation tools.”

This is an app not for the driver – keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel – but rather for the driver’s navigator or to use before starting a journey. The app’s real-time maps show:

  • Current traffic flow on interstates, highways and turnpikes, which also are found online at;
  • Inclement weather-related highway and turnpike closures due to floods, snow or the host of other Oklahoma weather phenomena. This same map found online at also shows ODOT’s and OTA’s snow plow camera images;
  • Live camera feeds along interstates and turnpikes in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metro areas;
  • Digital message boards along interstates and turnpikes in the two metro areas and at the state’s ports of entry; and
  • Links to both ODOT and OTA websites for more information.

All of these tools are designed to help motorists reach their destination safely and more efficiently.

Source: ODOT