Honoring rural renew leaders


Oklahoma State University plans to honor those who are doing research and making efforts to renew the state’s rural areas and towns. The University, through its Rural Renewal Initiative, plans to honor a distinguished scholar who has made important research contributions in rural renewal.

The Rural Renewal Initiative inspires, empowers, and coordinates rural renewal research at Oklahoma State University and beyond. The Rural Renewal Initiative supports interdisciplinary research by funding seed grant projects seeking to improve the lives of people in rural communities and providing them with trained student research scholars to lead community-engaged and participative research.

The Rural Renewal Initiative will host its inaugural Rural Renewal Symposium online on October 13, 2020, to expand and empower its network of collaborating faculty, students, and community leaders. The symposium will feature the research of faculty, research scholars, and other technical and social scientists who have conducted research in and for rural communities.

At the symposium, the Rural Renewal Initiative will award the first Rural Renewal Research Prize. This award will honor a world leader in rural renewal research, education, and engagement. The awardee must participate in the Rural Renewal Symposium and provide a keynote address. The Prize will include a $5,000 stipend. Nominations are due August 18, 2020.


Source: Oklahoma State University