Extreme heat wave to smack Oklahoma

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Temperatures of up to 110 are in the forecast for the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles this week as extreme heat is about to slap the state.

As Oklahoma Climatologist Gary McManus wrote in his Monday Mesonet report, “For this week, however, the point is the heat is on, and it will be in the extreme category. Much like what I see in the mirror, it ain’t gonna be pretty.”

Here’s how he explained what will happen this week:

“Some of us will have a chance of isolated showers for the next few days, but the big weather driver will be the dreaded summer heat dome, aka the death ridge, moving back over the center US. That means heat takes center stage, and that can be dangerous when you’re getting into the middle of July. And it might actually last awhile, along with the disappearing precipitation.”
While the 110 degree weather forecast for the Panhandle is extreme, other parts of the state will also feel the effects of some brutal temperatures.
As McManus would most likely write, “take a gander.”

In other words, whether you’re working atop a wind tower, an oil or gas rig or pulling duty on power lines, it will be HOT!