Candidate accuses regulators of inaction on old cases


The Libertarian candidate trying to unseat Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Todd Hiett charged Monday that “yet another case of OCC fraud is coming up again.”

Todd Hagopian sided with Commissioner Bob Anthony who included on the Tuesday meeting agenda, some cases that date back 14 years and include what he calls “fraud.”

“It is VITAL that the OCC sides with Commissioner Anthony’s request to take up review of the case on behalf of Oklahoma citizens,” said Hagopian in an emailed statement to OK Energy Today.

” The Oklahoma Corporation Commission cannot simply decide that a case is too old to review due to its OWN INACTION.  The Government needs to STOP picking winners/losers, and needs to show that it is willing to investigate fraud no matter who they are friends with, get campaign contributions from, or have back room dealings with,” he further stated.

The issue in question is a pooling order sought by Mewbourne Oil Company in Ellis County. In a concurring opinion by Anthony written three years ago, he suggested that the Task Force formed by the Governor in 2017 to carry out an analysis of the Corporation Commission should “start here with its performance review,” meaning the case in question.

“In my opinion, lack of leadership and failed attention to duty by the commissioners has allowed unnecessary delay and neglect of serious issues in this case.”

Hagopian said it’s time the Commission followed through and finished the matter.
“I call on all three commissioners to unanimously address order 669457 immediately.  Oklahoma citizens deserve action, and protection, from the Corporation Commission.  If we are getting the opposite, then we need to replace the commissioners as they come up for re-election!”