Who’s drilling where in Oklahoma


Oklahoma regulators are still handing out drilling permits although the numbers are not as high as before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Camino Natural Resources LLC, a company based in Denver, Colorado intends to drill in Canadian County at a site a few miles southeast of the town of Union City. It received a drilling permit for the Chuck Norris 1007 10-15#1MXH well in the Mississippi Lime at 03 10N 7W.

Tulsa-based Citizen Energy III LLC received permits to drill two wells on a single pad in Custer County. The WL #1H-8-17 and WL #2H-8-5 will be at 08 13N 14W which is a site 4 miles north of Weatherford. The first well is to have a drilling depth of more than 22,000 feet while the second is to have a drilling depth of more than 23,000 feet.