Stallion Oil field services opens new rental division


While it’s struggling like other oil and gas providers, Houston’s Stallion, a company with field offices in El Reno and Elk City, Oklahoma announced intentions to expand its business with StallionRents.

The new division will be something of a man-camp provider in the oilfields and other sites.

StallionRents will provide large construction, plant maintenance, industrial and education projects with a full roster of equipment and amenities to meet the diverse requirements of those projects.

“For nearly twenty years, Stallion has been the go-to supplier of choice for oil and natural gas producers across the United States,” said President and Chief Executive Officer David C. Mannon. “We are leveraging that deep expertise with StallionRents to partner with diverse organizations working toward solutions for some of today’s most pressing challenges—affordable renewable energy, clean water, more digitally connected communities, green initiatives, waste recycling, social separation and sustained economic growth.”

StallionRents offers state-of-the-art portable temporary housing, smart classrooms and office spaces, sanitation, storage, communication, security, power and lighting. With its comprehensive inventory, the company’s robust site management and support allows clients to save time, enable remote and socially separated learning aligned to the new normal, dramatically lower their costs and maximize operational efficiencies.

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Source: Business Wire