OK House Releases List of 2020 Interim Studies Proposals


The Oklahoma State House of Representatives received 88 interim studies proposals before the June 26, 2020 deadline. As expected, several requests covered the COVID-19 pandemic and a dozen relate directly to the state’s energy industry. Here’s the complete list of Oklahoma House interim studies requests for 2020:

20-001  Delisting and Assignment of Benefits (Rep. Avery Frix)

20-002  Private Property (Rep. Jim Grego)

20-003  Utility Installation Under ODOT Jurisdiction (Rep. Jim Grego)

20-004  National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 54 and 58 (Rep. Jim Grego)

20-005  Administrative Rules Process (Rep. Tom Gann and Rep. Denise Crosswhite-Hader)

20-006  Law Enforcement Reform (Rep. Regina Goodwin)

20-007  Increase Access to Retirement Savings Tools (Rep. Marcus McEntire)

20-008  A Bipartisan Examination of State Government’s Role and Possible Legislative Action In Regard To Improving Race Relations in Oklahoma (Rep. Mike Osburn and Rep. Monroe Nichols/Sen. Adam Pugh and Sen. Kevin Matthews)

20-009  Long-Term Care and COVID-19 – Current and Future Needs (Rep. Tammy West)

20-010  County Funding/County Road Funding (Rep. Ty Burns)

20-011  Stolen Valor (Rep. Ty Burns)

20-012  Meat Inspector (Rep. Ty Burns)

20-013  How Play-Based Learning Leads to Better Mental Health and Better Academic Outcomes (Rep. Jacob Rosecrants)

20-014  Benefits of Violence De-escalation Training for Teachers; Help Divert Harm While Attending to the Needs of Students in Trauma (Rep. Trish Ranson)

20-015  Economic Policies in Oklahoma (Rep. Emily Virgin)

20-016  Elections and Voting in Oklahoma (Rep. Emily Virgin)

20-017  Utilization of Form 613 as the Standard Disclosure Form and Established as a Confirmed Consumer Protection Document (Rep. Nicole Miller)

20-018  Medical-Legal Partnership (Rep. Carol Bush)

20-019  Modernization of Rules of Discovery and Freedom of Information Requests with Legal Community Input (Rep. Ken Luttrell)

20-020  Bilingual Funding, Testing, Qualifying, School Procedures, Transparency and Accountability (Rep. Sheila Dills)

20-021  Transportation Funding in Changing Virtual Environment, Funding for Schools Utilizing City Transit Systems and 1.5-Mile Rule for Transportation (Rep. Sheila Dills)

20-022  Therapists’ Right to Help Those with Unwanted Same Sex Attractions and the Right of Clients to Receive this Therapy (Rep. Jim Olsen)

20-023  The Epidemic of Opioid Abuse as it Pertains to the Accessibility of Loperamide, an OTC, Opioid-Based Anti-diarrheal Medication (Rep. Cyndi Munson)

20-024  Review of Oklahoma’s Law Concerning Individuals Who Have Been Diagnosed with Epilepsy and Operate a Motor Vehicle (Rep. Danny Sterling)

20-025  The Need to Expand the Scope of Physical Education in Public Schools (Rep. Danny Sterling)

20-026  Cottage Law Reform (Rep. Dell Kerbs)

20-027  Rural Fire/County Emergency Management Overlap and Proper Response (Rep. Trey Caldwell)

20-028  Diversifying Consumer Food Availability (Rep. Garry Mize)

20-029  Examining the Eviction Rates in Oklahoma, Both Pre- and Post- COVID-19. Exploring Solutions that Benefit Landlord and Tenant (Rep. Melissa Provenzano and Rep. John Waldron)

20-030  Data and Privacy Regulations (Rep. Josh West and Rep. Collin Walke)

20-031  Beyond the Box: Equity in Admissions in Oklahoma (Rep. Trish Ranson and Rep. Melissa Provenzano)

20-032  Restorative Justice (Rep. Tammy West)

20-033  Transportation Electrification: Planning Considerations for Oklahoma (Rep. Brian Hill)

20-034  Tourism in Oklahoma: Efficiency and Growth (Rep. Brian Hill)

20-035  Law Enforcement Reform (Rep. Monroe Nichols)

20-036  ANTIFA (Rep. Kevin West)

20-037  Market Analysis for Future COLAs (Rep. Avery Frix)

20-038  Building Literacy in Oklahoma: Building a Stronger Future and Workforce (Rep. Mike Sanders)

20-039  Building Literacy in Oklahoma: Building a Stronger Future and Workforce (Rep. Mike Sanders)

20-040  Creation of Statewide Emergency Radio System for State, County, Local and Tribal Authorities (Rep. Ross Ford and Rep. Stan May)

20-041  Employment Issues Related to COVID-19 (Rep. Forrest Bennett)

20-042  Cosmetology and Barbering License Process (Rep. Forrest Bennett)

20-043  Responsibilities and Powers of County Commissioners (Rep. Kevin West)

20-044  Catastrophic Health Emergency Powers Act (Rep. Kevin West)

20-045  Connectivity of Broadband in Relation to Oklahoma Schools/E-Rates Federal Grant (Rep. Rhonda Baker)

20-046  Regional States/Oklahoma’s Educational Response/Plan to COVID-19 (Rep. Rhonda Baker)

20-047  Hospice Care Within DOC (Rep. Chad Caldwell and Rep. Cynthia Roe)

20-048  Infant/Maternal Mortality Rates in Oklahoma (Rep. Monroe Nichols)

20-049  Absenteeism: How Will Students and Schools be Impacted by COVID-19 (Rep. Sherrie Conley)

20-050  Teacher’s Health Insurance, Retirement, Retirement Credit and Flexible Benefits (Rep. Toni Hasenbeck)

20-051  EMS and Ambulance Response Time (Rep. Cynthia Roe)

20-052  Maintenance of Right of Way to Private Drives Across ODOT Boundaries (Rep. Todd Russ)

20-053  Investigation of Substantial Revenue Loss in Oklahoma Due to Raised Sales Tax on Automobiles at 1.25% and Implemented in 2017 (Rep. Todd Russ)

20-054  Moving Payment in DHS Subsidy Program for Childcare (Rep. Todd Russ)

20-055  Complaint System for Childcare Centers and Homes (Rep. Todd Russ)

20-056  Damages to Personal Property Caused by Searches of Incorrect Home Addresses or Vehicles Performed by Law Enforcement (Rep. Todd Russ)

20-057  Exploration of Student and School Improvement Models and Digital Improvement Platform (Rep. Mark McBride and Rep. Toni Hasenbeck)

20-058  Need for Healthy In and Out of Network Model for Competition (Rep. Lewis Moore)

20-059  Options to the High Cost of Health Insurance (Rep. Lewis Moore)

20-060  First Responders and Mental Health (Rep. Lewis Moore)

20-061  Rural Connectivity and Broadband Expansion (Rep. Lundy Kiger)

20-062  Updating School Curriculum to Reflect the Needs of Today’s Society (Rep. Lundy Kiger)

20-063  Parking Fees for State Parks (Rep. Lundy Kiger)

20-064  Blended and Distance Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Rep. John Waldron)

20-065  New Teacher Recruitment and Training (Rep. John Waldron and Rep. Kelly Albright)

20-066  The A-F Rubric for School Assessment (Rep. John Waldron and Rep. Melissa Provenzano)

20-067  State Investment in Entrepreneurship to Restart the State’s Economy Post COVID-19 (Rep. Monroe Nichols)

20-068  Labor Trafficking’s Impact on Oklahoma Families (Rep. Derrel Fincher)

20-069  Public/Private Social Change Partnerships (Rep. Monroe Nichols)

20-070  Examine Options for Cities and Town to Secure Funding to Construct/Repair/Maintain Roads and Bridges that are Impacted by the Energy Industry (Rep. Brad Boles; Rep. David Perryman; Rep. Cynthia Roe; and Rep. Sherrie Conley)

20-071  Municipal Response During a Declared Emergency (Rep. Chad Caldwell)

20-072  Using Mobile Technology to Provide Confidential, Real-Time Crisis/Trauma Debriefing and Counseling Services to LEOs From Their Vehicle, Office or Home (Rep. Derrel Fincher)

20-073  Updating Portions of States Antiquated Sales Tax Code (Rep. Kyle Hilbert)

20-074  Pandemic Preparedness/Healthcare (Rep. Sean Roberts)

20-075  Housing Choice Voucher Mobility (Rep. Andy Fugate and Rep. Tammy Townley)

20-076  Eminent Domain, Just Compensation and the Landowners Bill of Rights (Rep. Kenton Patzkowsky)

20-077  The Truth About Electric Cars (Rep. Denise Brewer)

20-078  Balancing ACES, Behavior and Suspension (Rep. Sherrie Conley)

20-079  Poultry Management Guidelines (Rep. Dell Kerbs)

20-080  Examine Oklahoma’s Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) Program (Rep. Cyndi Munson)

20-081  Police Protection and Officer Rights (Rep. Justin Humphrey)

20-082  Food Desserts (Rep. Ajay Pittman)

20-083  Infant Mortality (Rep. Ajay Pittman)

20-084  Criminal Justice Reform (Rep. Ajay Pittman)

20-085  Police Brutality (Rep. Ajay Pittman)

20-086  Mental Health (Rep. Ajay Pittman)

20-087  A Review of the Status of Human Rights Protections and Tracking Including Relevant Statutes, Enforcement Mechanisms and Responsible Oversight (Rep. Chelsey Branham)

20-088  Economic Tools that are Utilized in the State to Stabilize the Economy and Other Potential Strategies that May Help to Provide Stability Assistance (Rep. Chelsey Branham)

Senate interim study proposals must be submitted by Friday, July 10, 2020. Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat will assign each study to a Senate standing committee. The committee chair will coordinate with the sponsoring legislator to determine whether the study will be held.

The approval deadline for both House and Senate interim studies proposals is July 24, 2020 at which time approved studies will be assigned to a particular committee.