Latest well completions are in Canadian and Grady Counties



Oklahoma City’s Chaparral Energy reports completion of two wells on a single pad in Canadian County, a favorite drilling target of the company.

The two Fuji 1206 wells are located at 19 12N 6W, a site located four miles east of El Reno and south of Interstate 40. Their combined production was 529 barrels of oil a day.

One well with a spud date of January 14, 2020 and completed at the end of March had production of 277 barrels of oil a day and 1,715 Mcf of natural gas from a depth of 14,650 feet.

The second Fuji well produced 252 barrels of oil a day and 1,625 Mcf of natural gas from a drilling depth of 14,478 feet. It had a January 15, 2020 spud date with completion made March 28, 2020.

Another Canadian County well was completed by Citizen Energy III LLC at 36 11N 7W which is a site about 3 miles east of Union City. The Battleship 1-12-10-7 1mxh produced 312 barrels of oil a day and 2,436 Mcf of natural gas. It had a spud date in July 2019 with completion made Feb. 15, 2020.

Continental Resources Inc. completed the Rk Morris 6-29-20-17xhw well in Grady County. The well, located at 29 6N 5W or four miles northeast of Alex produced 177 barrels of oil a day and 451 Mcf of natural gas when it was completed at a drilling depth of 23,770 feet in the Mississippi-Woodford formation.

Fourpoint Energy LLC filed corrected reports on 7 wells it had drilled in Ellis County nera Arnett. An amended report was also filed by Bravo Arkoma LLC on a well it drilled in Hughes County and southeast of Wetumka in 2018.