Ovintiv Mid-Continent keeps busy in STACK play


Kingfisher County in Oklahoma’s STACK play has seen increased activity by Ovintiv Mid-Continent Inc. as the company recently submitted completion reports on 7 separate wells including four on a single pad with nearly 2,300 barrels of oil a day in production.

The three mother-daughters wells are located at 11 15N 8W or about 5 miles southwest of the city of Kingfisher and had production of 654 barrels of oil a day and 1,368 Mcf of natural ga on one, 702 and 1,303 Mcf on a second and 909 and 1,761 on the third well. The James Fed 1508 wells were completed in February 2020.

Ovintiv also completed four other Kingfisher County wells. Two Dan Fed 1608 8h-17x  wells were located at 29 16N 8W. One had production of 1,050 barrels of oil a day and 1,469 Mcf of natural gas from a depth of 19,507 feet. Located about 8 miles due west of the city of Kingfisher, the well had a January 21, 2020 spud date and drilling ended in February with completion made April 4, 2020.

A second well on the same pad had production of 977 barrels of oil a day and 1,301 Mcf of natural gas, making for a combined production from the two wells at 2,027 barrels of oil a day. The second well had a drilling depth of 19,415 feet.

Two separate wells, drilled on a single pad in the same section but located at 20 16N 8W had combined production of 1,569 barrels of oil a day. One produced 741 barrels of oil daily and 730 Mcf of natural gas while the second had production of 828 barrels of oil a day and 1,180 Mcf of natural gas. Both were Dan Fed 1608 wells.

Trinity OPerating Usg LLC reported completion of two gas wells in Hughes County. Located at 5 7N 12E, the two Mitzi wells had production of 6,326 Mcf of gas and 4,361 Mcf of natural gas.

Tapstone Energy LLC reported completion of a well in Woodward County with production of 588 barrels of oil a day and 2,725 Mcf of natural gas. Tapestone also drilled and completed two wells in Dewey County with production of 116 and 94 barrels of oil a day.