Nebraska county considers moratorium against more wind farms

Dakota County Commissioners in northeast Nebraska are considering a moratorium on more construction of wind farms.

The proposal is to keep wind farms out of the county for the foreseeable future.

On the agenda for the board’s meeting this week is a moratorium that would prohibit “… all applications, installations and projects involving wind energy systems until such time that the Board has amended regulations in place to ensure the protection of the public health, safety and welfare …” of Dakota County citizens.

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The subject of a moratorium arose earlier this year as the county amended its zoning ordinances pertaining to wind energy systems, board chairman Martin Hohenstein said.

“The board has been doing a little homework on wind energy,” Hohenstein said. “We’re gathering information to see if it’s the right decision for Dakota County at this time.”

Commissioners approved the amended zoning regulations April 6. The proposed moratorium’s language indicates that the board “deemed it necessary to impose a moratorium” after considering public information provided during public hearings on the zoning amendments.

Source: Sioux City Journal