Energy news in brief

** Oil companies argued before an appeals court yesterday that a climate lawsuit led by Colorado communities should be moved to federal court.

**  Navajo Power partners with solar developer sPower on a co-development deal to pursue a 200 MW solar bid with an Arizona utility.

** A conspiracy theory that baselessly links 5G  technology with the coronavirus has led to a series of arson attacks on cell phone towers in the UK. The attacks started in early April, and 77 towers have now been attacked.

** A southwestern Illinois school district purchases its first round of electric buses using Volkswagen settlement funds with a tentative plan to replace half of its fleet with electric models in 15 years.

** Clean energy legislation is on hold in Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan as lawmakers focus their attention on the pandemic.

** Indigenous activist Chase Iron Eyes said recent court rulings on the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines “justify the stand” he and others took at Standing Rock.