Completion reports trickle in from new Oklahoma wells

A few completion reports continue to be filed with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission on new wells.

Triumph Energy Partners LLC filed a report on the Nitzel 4-18 1412MH well completed in Blaine County at 7 14N 12W which is a site about 8 miles west of the community of Greenfield. The well had production of 203 barrels of oil a day while natural gas production was 14,700 Mcf when the well was completed in June of 2019. The well had a finished depth of 17,953 feet according to its completion reort.

Citizen Energy iii LLC completed the Garrison 1h-29-32 well in Canadian County. Located at 29 12N 10W or northeast of Hinton, the well had gas production of 7,301 Mcf from a depth of 23,340 feet when it was completed in July 2019.

Fourpoint Energy LLC completed two wells from a single pad in Ellis County. Located southwest of Arnett at 3 18N 26W and adjacent to the state line with Texas, the Flathead 3×34-18-26 wells had production of 332 barrels of oil a day and 548 Mcf of natural gas and 327 barrels of oil a day and 591 Mcf of natural gas. Both were completed in December 2019. The 332-barrel a day producer had a drilling depth of 19,836 feet while the second well was finished at a depth of 20,021 feet.

Comanche Exploration Co. LLC completed two separate wells in Major county at sites northeast and north of Seiling.

The Denton 11-2-1h well, located at 11 20N 16W had production of 217 barrels of oil a day and 941 Mcf of natural gas from a depth of 14,736 feet upon completion in November 2019.

The Hollenback 31-1h well, located at 31 21N 16W produced 125 barrels of oil a day and 1,003 Mcf of natural gas when it was completed in July 2017 from a depth of 13,560 feet.

Two wells were completed by White Star Petroleum ii LLC in Roger Mills county at sites north of the town of Leedey. The Doris 23-17n-21W, completed in July 2018 had production of 142 barrels of oil a day and 1,475 Mcf of natural gas from a depth of 14,070 feet. It is located at 23 17N 21W.

The Howard 22-17n-21W located at 27 17N 21W produced 209 barrels of oil and 1,884 Mcf of natural gas when completed in January 2019 from a depth of 14,765 feet.