Well completions still reported in Oklahoma


A slowdown in drilling permits and completion reports is seen at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission in light of the oil price war and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. But Camino Natural Resources Inc., based in Denver, Colorado and with assets in the SCOOP and Merge plays filed reports on two completed wells in Canadian County.

Both were located near the El Reno airport and about one mile separated the two. The Watch This 1208 36-25 2mxh well, located at 1 11N 8W had production of 450 barrels of oil a day and 4,773 Mcf of natural gas. The well had a December 2019 spud date with completion made from 20,773 feet in the Mississippi formation in February 2020.

Camino’s second Canadian County well was located about one mile southwest of the Watch This well. The James Ross 1108 11-2-1mxh was drilled in October 2019 at 11 11N 8W and completion was made in December 2019 from a depth of 18,872 feet. Production was 438 barrels of oil a day and 4,609 Mcf of natural gas.

Despite the low oil prices and the reduction in demand for gasoline, several companies indicate they intend to drill for more oil in the state. Some of the latest permits to drill issued by state regulators went to Continental Resources Inc. which will drill the Switzer #1-36-1xhm well about 6 miles northeast of Weatherford in Custer County.

Gulfport MidCon LLC received permits for two wells in Grady County. Both are located east of Rush Springs.

Chisholm Oil and Gas Operating LLC received permits to drill near Hennessey. The Bryan 109 #1-1LOH site is about 12 miles northwest of the city while the Andrews 1807 #17-1MH is about 5 miles southwest of the city.

Red Rocks Oil and Gas Operating LLC received a permit to drill the Flyby #1-32 well at a site approximately one mile northwest of the city of Lindsay in McClain County.

Kingdom Resources Inc. received a permit to drill in Wagoner county in eastern Oklahoma. The NOE #1 will be drilled north of the city of Taft.