Suspension of project means a field of stored pipe


When a company like Phillips 66 Partners suspends development of a pipeline to carry crude from Wyoming to Cushing, Oklahoma, it isn’t just a matter of deciding not to proceed with the work.

You have to do something with all that pipe manufactured and bought for the Liberty Pipeline.


In this case, much of the pipeline has been stored on land at the north edge of the city of Stratton, Colorado, a farming community located along Interstate 70 just west of the Kansas state line.

Work is underway to make room for more of the stored pipes.

The suspension was part of the decision a few weeks ago by Phillips 66 to more than $3 billion from the company budget and suspend other projects due to the oil price crash.

And judging by one motorist who caught on video the arrival of pipeline at Stratton, more could be coming to be stored there.

(Click to view video IMG_0124 (6)

As part of the budget cuts, Phillips 66 is suspending the development of a new natural gas liquids processing at its Sweeny Refinery southwest of Houston and the Red Oak Pipeline, a project to move crude oil from the Permian Basin of West Texas and storage terminals in Cushing, Oklahoma to multiple locations along the Gulf Coast.