Oklahoma gasoline prices fall 7 cents in a week

Gasoline prices dropped even more in the past week for drivers in Oklahoma and across the nation. Oklahoma’s average price dropped 7 cents to reach $1.39 per gallon while the national average declined for the 7th straight week to reach $1.86 this week. Prices have dropped 61 cents across the country in the past seven weeks as U.S. demand for gasoline fell 44% to 5 million barrels a day.

Pottawatomie county, home to Shawnee has the lowest average in Oklahoma with an average of $1.07 a gallon. Ottawa County in the northeast corner has an average of $1.16 a gallon. McAlester and Pittsburg county drivers pay an average of $1.21.

The highest averages are in the Panhandle where Beaver County prices reached an average $1.88 a gallon. Drivers in Texas County pay $1.84 average while those in the far western Cimarron County pay $1.78.

Oklahoma City has an average of $1.41, a drop of three cents in the past week while Tulsa drivers pay an average $1.38 and those in Lawton see $1.36 average on the gas pumps. Tulsa’s average is 8 cents lower while prices in Lawton dropped 8 cents as well.

GasBuddy reported four Oklahoma City places are still pumping gas at 99 cents a gallon while others have a range in prices of $1.04 up to $1.14 per gallon.

Oklahoma’s average of $1.39 compares to $1.59 in Kansas, $1.80 in Colorado, $1.81 in New Mexico, $1.57 in Texas, $1.51 in Arkansas and $1.56 in Missouri.

“We are seeing fast and furious gasoline demand destruction. The latest data reveals demand levels not seen since spring of 1968,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson. “Every U.S. region is seeing builds in gasoline inventories and crude storage, which is just driving pump prices even cheaper.”

Source: AAA & GasBuddy