Hundreds furloughed by Tulsa coal mining decision

As a result of the decision announced this week by Tulsa’s Alliance Resource Partners to temporarily shut down coal mining operations in Illinois, hundreds of employees were furloughed.

Alliance did not refer to the furloughs or temporary layoffs at the time of its announcement.

But the decision left hundreds of employees furloughed at Riverview Coal near Uniontown, Illinois.

Hundreds of employees have been furloughed at Riverview Coal.

Their parent company, Alliance Resource Partners, announced Wednesday that they are temporarily ceasing coal production at all of its Illinois basin mines.

This includes River View Coal near Uniontown, a small community in the northwest part of Illinois.

The lay-offs are expected to last a minimum of two weeks. Alliance says the furlough comes after a lowered demand for energy worldwide, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Just the uncertainty of it, not knowing how long you’re gonna be off or when your check’s gonna come in,” Miles Clevidence, one of those laid off said. “Nobody knows, nobody wants to be off for this type of reason, of course.”

Clevidence says that fortunately, his wife works, so that will help keep their family afloat.

Source: Mining Magazine