Frac sand miner shuts down operation in NW Oklahoma

Frac sand mining firm, Signal Peak Silica has closed operations at its field operations at Oakwood in northwest Oklahoma putting about 90 workers onto the unemployment lines.

The company, in a notice to the Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development explained that 87 workers were laid off. The 2,000 acre mining operation was located along US Highway 270 midway between Wooward and Seiling.

Signal Peak Silica has updated the details of its mass layoff at its field operations location at 243453 US Highway 270, Oakwood, OK 73658.

While the original layoff notice to the Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development was submitted on March 30, an April 3 update stated that 17 employees who had resigned to accept other employment were notified that such employment was withdrawn and therefore rescinded their voluntary resignation.

The Oakwood operation was Signal Peak Silica’s first in-basin facility in Oklahoma and was highlighted when the company opened it a few years ago because it was less than 50 miles from active oil and gas facilities in the SCOOP/STACK.

It was Signal Peak Silica’s third frac mining operation and was opened after the company had facilities in Monahans, Texas where it served the Permian Basin and in Poteet, Texas where it served the Eagle Ford play.