Corporation Commission offices still closed




Only the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s Ports of Entry on major highways remain open as the main offices at the State Capitol and those in Tulsa and elsewhere are still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a recent announcement, the regulators said the OCC’s public buildings and offices would remain closed to the public until further notice.

We will continue to provide our services remotely, to the maximum extent possible, as many of our employees are working remotely. This action is being taken to continue our efforts to keep our fellow employees and their families safe and healthy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic,”stated the announcement.

Because the governor extended his emergency order to apply to all 77 counties in the state, the CDC and state Health Department guidelines on social distancing and minimal group gathers remain in force.


  • All court hearings will be conducted remotely, by telephone or Scopia video conferencing.
  • All Commissioner hearings will continue and will be available to the public remotely.
  • Transportation Division stakeholders already can conduct all necessary business onlineRead more about conducting Transportation-related business online.

Source: OCC announcement