Well completions are still being reported in Oklahoma


They haven’t been major producing oil wells, but oil and gas drilling is continuing in Oklahoma as witnessed by completion reports filed this week including a gas well with production of more than 10,000 Mcf of natural gas.

Citizen Energy iii LLC reported completion of the Lancet 1h-17-8 well located at 17 14N 15W in Custer County. The well, located about 3 miles northeast of Custer City had initial production of 10,538 Mcf of natural gas along with 30 barrels of oil a day. It had a depth of 21,725 feet when completed in October 2019.

Camino Natural Resources LLC completed a well in Canadian County with production of 323 barrels of oil a day and 4,211 Mcf of gas from a site at 11 11N 8W. Another Canadian County well was drilled and completed by Travis Peak Resources LLC with production of 144 barrels of oil a day and 7,860 Mcf of gas from a site at 31 12N 8W.

Mack Energy reported completions of two small wells in Carter County, Both were completed in February.

Camino Natural Resources completed a Grady County well located 3 miles northeast of Alex. Production was 458 barrels of oil a day and 1,504 Mcf of natural gas.

Only a few miles away, Continental Resources Inc. completed a well with production of 175 barrels of oil a day and 453 Mcf of natural gas.

Another Grady County well was reported by Gulfport Midcon LLC at a site east of Rush Springs. It had production of 727 barrels of oil a day and 5,812 Mcf of natural gas from a depth of 25,425 feet in the Woodford formation. The Dale 3-13x12H had a January 2019 spud date and drilling was finished in February of 2019. Completion wasn’t made until December 2019.