Senator says Bernie will lose White House over fracking ban call


The top Democrat on the U.S. Senate Energy committee says Sen. Bernie Sanders will lose the White House because of his call for a nationwide ban on fracking in the oil and gas industry.

Sen. Joe Manchin made the prediction in an interview with POLITICO’s Morning Energy Report.

“It’ll definitely cost Bernie the White House. The energy we’ve been able to produce — fracking can be done as long we have the regulations to make sure it’s done in a safe manner. Any time that we’ve had any problems with seismic, it’s been man-made because of over-injections, things of this sort. We know what causes it. We can police that better. But you can’t just turn a deaf ear to the damn stuff or put your head in the sand.”

The call by Sen. Sanders is already opposed by U.S. House members in Oklahoma as well as Sens. Jim Inhofe and James Lankford. Sanders wasn’t alone in calling for a nationwide fracking ban. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the woman who grew up in Oklahoma made the same call, vowing to carry out the ban on the first day she was in the White House. Of course, she dropped out of the run for the Democratic Presidential nomination last week.

Source: Morning Energy Report