SEC filings by Devon Energy executives


Filings were made this week by Devon Energy executives with the Securities Exchange Commission showing sales of stock, including more than $266,000 in shares by the company President David A. Hager.

Hager’s form 4 filing showed he sold 16,345 Devon Energy shares at a value of $16.31 each, which led to a total sale worth $266,586.95. The sale leaves him with 812,158 shares in the company.

Five other executives made SEC filings revealing their sales. One was a more than $72,000 sale of stock by Devon Energy executive Lyndon C. Taylor.

Taylor is a Senior Vice President and Chief Legal and Administrative Officer who disposed of 4,424 shares in Devon Energy. Each share was valued at $16.31 making for a total sale of $72,155.44.

Following the disposal of shares, Taylor still has ownership of 151,615 shares in the company.

A similar filing with the SEC was made by David G. Harris who is an Executive Vice President of Exploration and Production. He disposed of 2,308 shares valued at $16.31 each, making for a total sale of $37,643.48.

Harris still has 106,376 shares in personal ownership, another 11,695 for his spouse and 3,022 shares in a trust.

Tana K. Cashion, Senior Vice President of Human Resources reported the sale of 1,019 shares valued at $16.31 each which made a total sale of $16,619.89.

She still has 70,233 shares in the company.

Jeffrey L. Ritenour, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer sold 2,501 shares for $40,791. 31. Jeremy D. Humphers, Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer reported two separate sales of shares on the same day. The first included 1,500 shares sold at $15.89 each which totaled $23,835. The second involved 1,400 shares at $16.31 for a total of $22,834.

Source: SEC