Potential for severe weather in Oklahoma this week

Oklahomans might see some severe weather this week as spring officially approaches.
State Climatologist Gary McManus says it won’t be the kind of severe weather we normally see in May and June, but some parts of the state will have “marginal” chances for it.
It begins Tuesday and extends into Wednesday and the most likely place for it to occur is in southwestern Oklahoma, meaning power crews and energy employees in that part of the state should be aware.
“Then we hit day 3, and that’s when we might see the more classic severe weather setup come into focus. It’s still conditional, of course, meaning the models point towards this, but both this and that have to materialize,” wrote McManus.
Temperatures on Wednesday will be in the 70s statewide and the heat could be the force behind any potential for severe weather.
He said Thursday will be a transition day.
“When we have a system like this come through in March, it will normally have cold air behind it. Friday morning lows are dangerously close to freezing for much of the state, and the northwest will probably see a good (bad?) freeze. Then
Friday afternoon will be back to reality.
Source: Oklahoma Mesonet