ONEOK explores possible sale of bonds for fund-raising

ONEOK’s made a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a prospectus on the sale of bonds.

However, many of the details of such a proposed fund-raising sale were not included in the filing, only that the company is considering the sale of notes due in 2025, 2030 and 2050.

Key details such as interest rates and the amount of the principal amounts were omitted in the filing.

“We are offering $        aggregate principal amount of our     % notes due 2025 (the “2025 notes”), $         aggregate principal amount of our     % notes due 2030 (the “2030 notes”) and $        aggregate principal amount of our     % notes due 2050 (the “2050 notes”). In this prospectus supplement, the term “notes” collectively refers to the 2025 notes, the 2030 notes and the 2050 notes,” stated the filing.


The company stated in the SEC filing that the notes will be senior unsecured obligations of ONEOK.

“The notes will be fully and unconditionally guaranteed, jointly and severally, on a senior unsecured basis by certain of our subsidiaries.”

Source: SEC filing