Oil prices drop in Thursday’s trading

After increases earlier this week, the price of crude oil took a drop on Thursday.

West Texas Intermediate crude fell $1.89 a barrel, closing at $22.60 for a change of 7.72%. Brent crude was down 59 cents, closing Thursday at $26.80 a barrel for a change of 2.15%.

Natural gas prices fell too, dropping 2 cents and finishing the day at $1.64.

Phillips 66 continued with its increase in shares, jumping another $3.89 to settle at $54.39 for the day—a change of 7.70%

Chesapeake Energy was down $0.003 to close at $0.1889 per share. ConocoPhillips rose $1.14 and finished Thursday at $32.09 per share for a change of 3.71%.

Devon added 20 cents to end the day at $7.36 per share, a change of 2.79%. Marathon Oil Corp. saw a 30 cent increase before wrapping up the day’s trading at $3.88 for a change of 8.37%.

ONEOK in Tulsa saw a gain of $1.25 to finish Thursday at $24.36, a change of 5.40%. SandRidge Energy was on the downside, losing 9 cents and finishing the day at $1.10 per share, a decline of 7.56%.

American Electric Power shares rose $8.51 and ended the day at $81.80 per share, a jump of 11.61%.