Consumer Champion Award given to state regulator


AARP Oklahoma State Director Sean Voskuhl and AARP Oklahoma State President Joe Ann Vermillion presented Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Todd Hiett with the AARP Oklahoma Consumer Champion award on Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

AARP Executive Council members Wayne Blackmon, Teewanna Edwards, Mary Ann Morris, Modina Allen and Mary Overall were also in attendance to honor Commissioner Hiett’s consumer commitment to Oklahomans. 

Commissioner Hiett was recognized by AARP Oklahoma for his ongoing work to ensure affordable utility rates for Oklahomans. Commissioner Hiett was elected to serve as chairman of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission in 2019.  

Voskuhl cited Commissioner Hiett’s consistent voting record for protecting affordable utility rates for Oklahomans while maintaining safe and reliable service. In 2019 alone, OG&E and PSO customers saw significant savings in multiple rate cases. Commissioner Hiett’s demand for ample evidence and justification in utility rate cases contributed to customers saving millions of dollars, while his effort to closely question requests by electric utilities for direct funding from ratepayers through the use of riders to recover more money directly from customers helped ensure protection for ratepayers.

“Commissioner Hiett consistently stands in the corner of residential ratepayers,” said Voskuhl. “He works diligently to ensure utility rate costs are distributed fairly.”  

“I am honored and humbled by this honor from AARP,” said Hiett. “Commissioners face a very tough job in balancing all the legitimate concerns involved in utility cases. That job would be even tougher without the involvement and hard work groups like the AARP.”

Voskuhl also noted that Oklahoma business and residential customers benefit from some of the most affordable utility prices in the nation.  

Source: AARP