Congressman Cole rips Pelosi over “left wing”coronavirus bill attempts

Those renewable energy add-ons by the Democrats in the latest coronavirus relief measure on Capitol Hill angered Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole who accused Speaker Nancy Pelosi of using the crisis to advance a far-left ideological agenda.

In a statement, the Republican congressman said the 1,100-page partisan, left-wing bill has “nothing to do with the spreading pandemic. It is worth noting that this bill has gone through no committee and has had no Republican input whatsoever.”

“The Democratic bill proposes things like same-day voter registration, early voting, a $15-dollar minimum wage, racial and gender diversity on corporate boards, tax credits for solar and wind energy, carbon neutral requirements for airlines and the like. What do any of these things have to do with combating COVID-19 and its economic consequences? Absolutely nothing!,” said the Congressman.

“The House Democratic bill is a transparent effort to take advantage of a real crisis to advance a left-wing partisan agenda. These radical proposals would never pass the Senate nor be signed into law by the president on their own. Clearly, Democrats hope they can blackmail Republicans and President Trump into enacting them by tying them to much needed relief for the American people during a time of crisis. That is not going to happen.

Rep. Cole urged his Democratic colleagues in both chambers to sit down and negotiate a coronavirus relief package in good faith.

“I advise them to abandon this thinly disguised effort at legislative blackmail. It will backfire. The American people will neither forget nor forgive a party that tried to take advantage of their suffering to advance a left-wing political agenda,” said Cole.

Source: Rep. Cole press release