Congressman carries out social distancing

Oklahoma 1st District Rep. Kevin Hern is apparently practicing what he and health officials preach about social distancing.

Last week he visited Tulsa and conducted what he labeled a Coronavirus Response Tour, meeting with local officials and medical professionals about community needs.

As witnessed by the photos he provided, Rep. Hern showed his separation during the meetings.

“I was glad to see that our medical facilities are actively preparing to combat this threat and are more than capable of keeping our community safe,” wrote the Congressman in a weekend update to his constituents.

One meeting was with Ascension St. John Hospital Administration including CEO Jeff Nowlin and Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Timothy Young.

” It was important to me that I check in with local hospital leaders and discuss our level of preparedness for this challenge and see how I can be most helpful moving forward. Dr. Young encouraged me that the U.S. is learning a lot by observing best practices in other affected countries, and believes that the U.S. will incorporate these best practices effectively.”

The congressman also met with first responders including leaders of the Tulsa Fire Department.

A photo showed once again, Rep. Hern avoided close contact during his meeting with the fire department leaders.

“The Tulsa Fire Department is utilizing sophisticated strategies to address the needs of our community as they, and other first responders are called once again to the front lines of our neighborhoods. I look forward to partnering with this exceptional team as we battle the coronavirus together. I pray for them and all of our other first responders as they do a truly profound job for us.”

Source: Rep. Hern