A slight jump in oil prices on Tuesday as ConocoPhillips saw a more than $6 jump in shares


Oil prices rebounded again in trading on Tuesday but not enough to relieve the concern of the nation’s oil and gas industry as prices still remained in the $20s.

West Texas Intermediate crude rose 97 cents a barrel, finishing the day at $24.33, a change of 4.15%. Brent crude rose 57 cents in trading, ending the day at $27.60 a barrel, a 2.11% change.

Natural gas finished the day in trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange up 8 cents at $1.68.

Of energy companies with Oklahoma ties, ConocoPhillips saw a jump of $6.19 a share on Tuesday, finishing the day at $44.25 or a 16.35% change.

Chesapeake Energy rose 2 cents and ended trading at $0.199 per share.

SandRidge Energy rose 4 cents a share and finished at 86 cents.

Devon Energy added $1.23 and finished at $7.41 a share for a change of 19.90%. Devon’s shares had a Tuesday high of $7.63 before settling 22 cents lower.

Marathon Oil was up 26 cents and finished at $3.61.

ONEOK in Tulsa saw a jump of $2.45 before finishing the day at $22.05 for a change of 12.50%.

American Electric Power, parent company to PSO ended $2.04 a share higher at $72.05.