Kansas set to get its largest commercial solar farm

Kansas is about to get its largest commercial solar project—a 20 megawatt power provider in the far southwest corner of the state.

The Johnson Corner Solar Project is an effort of Sunflower Electric Power in a joint venture with Lightsource according to KSNW TV news. The solar project is located west of Johnson City in Stanton County.

“There are some smaller projects, I think the city of Pratt has a project 6 or 7 megawatts and there is some 1 megawatt projects scattered across the state as well, at 20 megawatts this will be the largest project in the state as of right now,” said Sunflower Electric Power Supply and Delivery Vice President Corey Linville.

Residents nearby say they’re excited to see renewable energy coming in.

“I like the solar, I like the wind, we’ve got a lot of both,” said resident Darrel Ruth.

This solar project is a little smaller than a wind farm. The reason why energy officials thought solar was so attractive was because it produces the most power during the biggest demand times typically during the day and summertime.

“Compared to wind, which is a little bit more seasonal, it’s going to produce power during the off-peak periods most of the time solar is going to be there when we need it the most,” said Linville.

A partnership between Sunflower Electric and Lightsource has brought the project to light, allowing the energy to be kept in the state and served to Western and Central Kansas.

Darrel Ruth, who lives in the area, said he’s excited to see it up and running come March.

“I think it’s a good thing, it really is,” said Ruth.

Source: KSNW TV