Energy news in brief

** Great River Energy says decisions on the future of North Dakota’s largest coal plant will be made later this year. A municipal utility in southeastern Minnesota prepares to demolish a former coal plant that shut down in 2016.

** A Navajo company agrees to waive its sovereign immunity in Wyoming, which allows state regulators to oversee two mines it recently acquired.

** The shutdown of the Navajo Generating Station has adversely impacted the City of Page, the Navajo Nation, and the Hopi Tribe economically.

** An investigation finds that Bloom fuel cells, which have gained popularity as a backup power source in California, face a host of cost issues and are still far more expensive than renewable energy.

** The Bureau of Land Management’s Wyoming office walks back approval of an oil and gas well following complaints from several environmental organizations.

** A student-led coalition at Rutgers has demanded the New Jersey university divest from fossil fuels — marking the first time the group, the Endowment Justice Collective, will go through formal channels for divestment requests.

** Delta Airlines is spending $1 billion over the next decade to essentially cancel out all of its future greenhouse gas emissions beginning March 1, the company announced Friday.