Alliance Resource executive acquires and sells shares on same day

An SEC filing made this week by an executive at Tulsa’s Alliance Resource Partners LLP indicated a sale of several thousand shares in the company.

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Brian L. Cantrell reported he first acquired 20,967 on February 10, leaving him with a total of 196,025 shares.

On the same day, he reported the sale of 6,693 shares, valued each at $8.20. The sale resulted in $54,881.60 revenue and left Cantrell with 189,332 shares.

The next day, shares fell to $2.81 each.  The highest level so far this year was $10.53 per share on January 21, 2020. Trading this week reached $8.04.

Alliance Resource represents 124.23 million in outstanding shares.

Source:  Securities and Exchange Commission