Sister wells a solid hit for Gulfport MidCon Energy

Tulsa’s Gulfport Midcon LLC had some success in Oklahoma’s SCOOP where it completed two sister wells with production of nearly 1,500 barrels of oil a day.

The company drilled the two Dale wells at 13 4N 6W or about 5 miles south of the Grady County town of Alex. The first well had production of 641 barrels of oil daily and 5,477 Mcf of gas when it was completed in December of 2019. The well had a January 2019 spud date and was drilled to a depth of 22,128 feet in the Sycamore-Woodford formation.

The second well, drilled at a depth of 25,734 feet was larger and had production of 854 barrels of oil a day and 7,248 Mcf of natural gas. The completion report showed it had a March 2019 spud date with completion made in December 2019.

The completion of the two wells came about the same time that Mid-Con Energy Partners, LP reached an agreement with Wells Fargo Bank to decrease its borrowing base from $110 million to $95 million. The agreement also stipulated a borrowing cap of $85 million.

In another completion report filed this week with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Casillas Operating LLC based in Lindsay, Oklahoma reported a well with production of 984 barrels of oil a day and 3,799 Mcf of natural gas. The Boardwalk 1-5 mh well, located at 32 1N 4W which is northeast of Velma in Stephens County was drilled into the Sycamore formation. The completion report showed the drilling depth was 13,500 feet.