Public Service Company of Oklahoma Issues RFP for Short-Term Generating Capacity


Public Service Company of Oklahoma a subsidiary of American Electric Power , is issuing a draft Request for Proposals for economical generating capacity to supply the short-term needs of its customers.

The RFP solicits bids for the purchase of capacity in amounts of 500 megawatts (MW) up to 800 MW for a term of three to five years beginning in 2022. Proposals are due by April 16, 2020. Response and contact information is available online at

The project would help supply electrical power to some of PSO’s 554,000 customer accounts across 30,000 square miles in eastern and southwestern Oklahoma.

Based in Tulsa, PSO has nearly 3,800 megawatts of primarily gas-fired generating capacity, 22,000 miles of distribution lines, 3,700 miles of transmission lines, and is one of the largest distributors of wind energy in the state.