Magazine ranks Oklahoma high for attracting new residents

Some surprising results, and some not-so-surprising are found in Forbes’ latest report on which states people are moving to and those they are fleeing.

The magazine ranks Oklahoma number four nationally for states where people are moving to for jobs. Here’s how Forbes described Oklahoma’s attraction:

4. Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s economy had been booming, but slumping energy prices have dimmed Oklahoma’s outlook due to its importance to the state. It is the third biggest producer state for natural gas and fifth biggest for crude oil. Chesapeake Energy and Devon Energy are both fixtures in Oklahoma City. The business tax climate is one of the best in the country and employers still benefit from energy costs that are 25% below the national average.

Iowa is ranked number six for attracting people. Forbes explained that Iowa has transformed its agricultural economy in the past 50 years to a “diversified one that covers a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, food processing, financial services and biotechnology.” Its current unemployment rate ranks among the lowest in the U.S..


“Nebraska ranks among the top five states in FORBES’ Best States for Business for the fourth straight year thanks to its low business costs and business-friendly regulatory climate,” stated the magazine in picking the state number one.
Omaha is not only home to Berkshire Hathaway but also to Mutual of Omaha, InfoUSA and TD Ameritrade. Its 32.% average jobless rate over the last five years ranks second lowest in the country.
Kansas is ranked number five for states where people are leaving even though Forbes said the state offers one of the best business incentive packages of programs in the country and scores high for its pro-business regulatory climate which is tops in the nation according to the Cato Institute.
But Kansas is also home to several large aircraft corporations such as Boeing, Cessna, Learjet and Spirit AeroSystems which makes the state economy heavily influenced by the aerospace industry.
Colorado is 9th best for rankings of “Inbound” and the state is expected to have the nation’s second fastest job growth over the next five years.
South Dakota is ranked number five for “inbound” as business costs are the lowest in the country at 15% below the national average.
As for retirement states, Arkansas is ranked number 9. Why?
“At a median price of $147,000, Arkansas’ home prices are among the lowest in the country. Another selling point for companies: energy costs are 19% below the national average.”
Source:  Forbes