Keystone XL pipeline construction to begin in August

Construction of the Keystone XL pipeline could begin in August but opponents in South Dakota vow to continue their legal fight against the $8 billion project.

TC Energy, the Canadian company building the pipeline, plans to begin construction in South Dakota in August, according to a court filing in Montana that also spells out planned work in that state and Nebraska. The company plans to move equipment to construction sites starting in February and prep worker accommodation sites in March.

The Associated Press reported that after the South Dakota Water Management Board approved five water permits for the pipeline’s construction last week, Sara Rabern, a spokeswoman for TC Energy, said the company does not need any more permits from South Dakota agencies, but is working to “finalize” permits from other authorities.

The pipeline would stretch 1,200-miles (1,930-kilometers) from western Canada to Nebraska, where it would connect with other lines that go to Gulf Coast refineries. It would be capable of pumping 830,000 barrels (35 million gallons) of crude oil a day.

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Source: Associated Press