Energy news in brief

** Oil and gas companies operating in Colorado have failed to submit thousands of monthly reports used to track how much energy they produce, costing the state millions in tax revenues.

** A recent report by Nevada Gov. Steve Sisiolak’s Office of Energy shows the state reduced greenhouse gasses by 22% between 2005 and 2016.

** An expert says Wyoming and Montana’s U.S. Supreme Court motion challenging Washington state’s regulatory roadblock of a west coast coal port expansion project faces an uphill legal battle.

** New Mexico lawmakers are set to introduce a bill allowing McKinley County to create an authority focused on redevelopment after the closure of the Escalante Generating Station.

** New Mexico’s House passed a bill enabling counties to issue special bonds to incentivize the expansion of power transmission lines in the state.

** The political action committee of Murray Energy, which declared bankruptcy in October, contributed $160,000 in July to a fund to re-elect President Trump. 

** Officials in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, delay a vote on a citywide climate plan in order to strengthen its goals.

** President Trump’s campaign in Wisconsin criticizes Mike Bloomberg for celebrating the closure of a Wisconsin coal plant; Bloomberg’s campaign counters that it supports “transition assistance” for communities.