Chesapeake executives finished 2019 with acquisition of shares

Four executives of Oklahoma City’s Chesapeake Energy filed reports with the SEC showing their acquisition of hundreds of thousands of shares in the company.

The acquisitions were made December 31, 2019 according to the filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

CEO Robert D. Lawler acquired 718,723 shares, each valued at $0.8256. The acquisition had a value of $593,377 and leaves Lawler with total ownership of 5,852,021 shares.

Executive Vice President and General Counsel James R. Webb acquired 307,385 shares at a value of $253,777, a move that leaves him with total ownership of 1,746,707 shares.

Senior Vicer President and Chief Accounting Officer William M. Buergler acquired 160,411 with a value of $132,435. He now owns 568,632 shares in the company.

Domenic J. Dell’Osso Jr. acquired 356,566 shares at a value of $294,380. The SEC filing indicated he now owns 2,383,731 shares in the company.

Trading of Chesapeake shares closed on Friday at 92 cents per share, a 6.63% increase from the previous day. Trading totaled 76.2 million shares and the day’s high was 96 cents per share.