Camino is on the hunt for more oil around El Reno

With success of at least two recent mother-daughter wells near El Reno, Camino Natural Resources LLC plans more drilling in the STACK.

It obtained a drilling permit this week to drill the Geronimo 1207 #6-5MH well at the northwest edge of El Reno. The site is only a mile from the city and south of the North Canadian River. Recently, the company brought in two wells south of El Reno with combined production of 1,228 barrels of oil a day.

Newfield Exploration Mid-Con Inc. plans to drill in the region where Tulsa’s Triumph Energy drilled six mother-daughter wells with combined production of more than 4,800 barrels of oil a day.

Newfield received a permit to drill two Juanita FIU 1508 wells at 23 15N 8W and two more Juanita FIU 1508 wells at 26 15N 8W.

The sites are in adjoining sections and only a few miles northwest of the Triumph Energy wells.