STACK yields more wells as drillers set their sights on new efforts


Recent completion reports on file with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission show Oklahoma City-based Stone Creek Operating LLC completed a third Koopa well northeast of Dover with production of 1,709 barrels of oil a day.

The company had completed two previous Koopa wells in August of 2018. The latest, Koopa 23 O5h was completed in October 2018 and the report filed this past week. Located at 23 18N 6W or 5 miles northeast of Dover, the well had gas production of 1,495 Mcf a day from a depth of 11,671 in the Oswego formation.

Continental Resources Inc. completed a gas well in Blaine County with production of 16,217 Mcf of gas at a site northeast of Hydro. The Donne Fiu 1-29-32xhm well, located at 29 13N 12W had an April 2019 spud date with completion made in October 2019. Depth was 24,234 feet.

Red Bluff Resources Operating LLC completed three Canadian County wells while Roan Resources completed one well in Grady County.

Cimarex Energy Co. filed a completion report on a well in Kingfisher County.

Companies are still intending to drill in the STACK with Newfield Exploration Mid-Con hoping for more success in Kingfisher county. It received permits to drill on three wells at one site at 24 16N 8W or southwest of the city of Kingfisher.

Triumph Energy Partners LLC received permits to drill four wells from a single pad in Canadian County. The wells will be located at 19 14N 9W which is northwest of the city of Calumet.

S and S Star Operating LLC also received permits for two wells to be drilled in Blaine County.