STACK is busy with oilfield activity but the SCOOP produces the largest well this week

Oklahoma’s STACK is still seeing more drilling and oil and gas production. But the honors of the state’s biggest producer reported this week is in the SCOOP.

Houston’s Marathon Oil Co. had success in Oklahoma’s Garvin County with a well producing nearly 1,300 barrels of oil a day.

Completion reports filed this week with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission show the Newby 0304-3-18sh, located at 18 3N 4W or about 3 miles south of Lindsay had initial production of 1,288 barrels of oil a day along with 1,730 Mcf of natural gas.

The Newby well had an April 2019 spud date and drilling finished in June while completion was made in September. The well had a depth of 18,560 feet.

While reporting an earnings loss in the third quarter 2019, Oklahoma City-based Chaparral Energy also reported completions of two wells on a single pad in Canadian County. One of the Lassen 1107 wells had production of 274 barrels of oil a day while the second had production of 221 barrels, making for a combined production of 495 barrels of oil a day. Located at 15 11N 7W, the wells are about 3 miles south of El Reno and had April and May 2019 spud dates with completion in  September. Drilling depths were just under 16,000 feet.

Chaparral also filed reports this week showing it intends to drill 5 more wells in Canadian County. All five greenback 1307 wells will be located at 26 13N 7W or about 3 miles northeast of El Reno.

Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions LP of Houston reported two wells from a single pad located at 35 16N 6W in Kingfisher County or about six miles south of Kingfisher. Combined production was 564 barrels of oil a day.

Two other Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions LP wells were drilled at 26 18N 5W or about four miles northwest of Crescent. Combined production from the two wells was 857 barrels of oil a day.

Roger Mills County will see more drilling according to Permits to Drill issued to Presidio Petroleum LLC, an energy company based in Fort Worth, Texas. The firm plans to drill three wells in the county, one two milers northwest of Strong City, one six miles south of Strong City and the third located three miles northwest of Strong City.

BCE-Mach LLC of Oklahoma City has won two drilling permits to explore in Woods County. One site will be two miles east of Freedom and the second will be several miles north of Alva next to the state line with Kansas.