OU Doubles Engineering Enrollment, Creates Strategic Plan to Promote Energy Workforce

Engineers are in high demand in the workforce. The enrollment figures at the University of Oklahoma support this upward trend.

The Journal Record reported that OU’s undergraduate enrollment at the Gallogly College of Engineering doubled in size from 1,768 in Fall 2007 to 3,630 in Fall 2018.

The increase is attributed to OU’s outreach and marketing strategy coupled with technological advances, the critical demand for engineers by energy companies and a new biomedical engineering degree path, according to Randa Shehab, Associate Dian for the Gallogly College.

“There’s been a lot of initiatives towards ‘how do we expand the enrollment in engineering programs’ because we recognize the health of the economy is directly tied to technology and productivity, so we really need to have a strong engineering workforce nationally,” said Shehab.

The demand for engineers has been noted by Governor Stitt, state leadership officials, business chambers, local energy companies and nonprofit corporations that have announced recent partnerships and investments to boost science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in the Sooner State.

In June, the Gallogly College detailed its effort “dramatically improve quality of life and stimulate economic development” through plans that include developing educational programs to spur growth within the engineering workforce. OU’s strategic plan includes producing 1,250 engineering students per year, raising the graduation rate by 10% and improving retention.