Inhofe frustrated over defense spending bill talks

POLITICO’s Morning Energy Report says Oklahoma U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe isn’t exactly pleased with how negotiations are going regarding the annual defense bill and PFAS—those chemicals polluting military bases nationwide.

Here’s how it was reported:

PFAS REMAINS NDAA STICKING POINT: Senate Armed Services Chairman Jim Inhofe said on Tuesday that negotiations on the annual defense bill are inching forward after he received a counteroffer from his House counterpart, Pro’s Connor O’Brien reports. But the Oklahoma Republican also expressed frustration over the status of sprawling provisions to regulate PFAS chemicals, indicating the issue should be worked out by committees of jurisdiction.

“We thought we were making great headway. We liked what came out of [Senate Environment and Public Works] … But then the House just … didn’t want to do it,” he said of PFAS. “So, I figure we’re going to go back to our original concept [of] if there’s something from another committee that the committee doesn’t like, we’ll make that their problem.”