Houston energy firm reports more wells in Oklahoma’s STACK


Houston’s Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions LP, a subsidiary of Alta Mesa Holdings reported a three-well pad site in Kingfisher County with production of more than 700 barrels of oil a day.

The Fazio 1705 wells, located at 13 17N 5W or about 5 miles west of Crescent had September and October 2018 spud dates. Completions were made in November and December of last year as the company continued aggressive drilling in the STACK.

Combined production was 716 barrels a day. The largest had production of 323 barrels of oil a day along with 806 Mcf of gas according to its completion report.

A second Fazio well had production of 246 barrels of oil a day and 1,023 Mcf of natural gas. The smallest of the wells had production of 147 barrels of oil a day and 573 Mcf of natural gas.

Oklahoma Energy Acquisitions LP also had a fourth well in Kingfisher County had production of 217 barrels of oil a day.

And it had a well with production of 639 barrels of oil a day in Major County.

The year-old Revolution Resources LLC, a fledgling company based in Oklahoma City reported an Oklahoma County well with production of 564 barrels of oil a day and 480 Mcf of gas. The Brown 1404 32-09 1bh well, located at 32 14N 4W is located 4 miles west of state highway 74 and just north of the Kilpatrick turnpike in northwest Oklahoma City.