Energy news in brief

** An SEC filing shows Mary M. Spears, Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer at Tulsa-based ONEOK, Inc. sold 2,000 shares in the company. The shares sold for $71.845 each giving Spears $143,690 and the sale left her still with 10,263.4188 shares in ownership.

**E and E News reports attorneys general from Iowa, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota prepare to join a major lawsuit against the Trump administration’s effort to roll back methane regulations for the oil and gas sector.

** Global production of coal-fired electricity is slated to fall by about 3 percent this year, representing the largest drop on record, according to new analysis from Carbon Brief . The projected drop is due in part to a sharp turnaround in India, flattening generation growth in China and record decreases in developed countries like Germany that are unmatched by increases in other areas.

** Colorado officials say a benzene spike measured in the air near a Greeley elementary school likely came from nearby oil and gas operations; further testing will be done.

** Speculation grows that Missouri’s Foresight Energy LP may soon need to file for Chapter 11 restructuring if the current market and economic forces working against the coal industry persist, according to recent securities filings. In the past few weeks, the company exercised an option to delay a $24.4 million interest payment and negotiated the right to avoid a publicly accessible quarterly call to discuss its third quarter finances.

** An environmental protest on Monday at an Enbridge Energy terminal in northwestern Minnesota resulted in one arrest. Sara-Beth Anderson, 21 of Minneapolis, was arrested on the charge of trespassing on a critical public service facility. The protesters tied three large poles together to form a tripod structure. Anderson then suspended herself from the top of it, hanging above the ground.