US Senate rejects Democratic effort to return to Obama era climate regulations

The U.S. Senate rejected a move by Democrats to overturn the Trump Administration’s reversal of the Obama-era climate regulations prompting Sen. Jim Inhofe to accuse them of trying to derail Trump’s agenda for no reason.

The vote was 53-36 with Sens. Inhofe and James Lankford of Oklahoma voting against the proposed reversal.

In a statement, Sen. Inhofe called it an attempt by the Democrats “to force their radical climate agenda.”

“My colleagues across the aisle aren’t interested in facts or using the Congressional Review Act for its intended purpose—to cut red tape and reduce burdensome regulations,” said the Senator. “Instead, they are making failed attempts at derailing the president’s regulatory agenda for no reason.”

He charged that the Democrats want to undo what President Trump has accomplished and replace it with Obama’s “overbearing Clean Power Plan.”

Sen. Inhofe said the Democrats are ignoring the face that under President Trump, the US is leading the world in environmental gains while also growing the economy.

“Just look at the numbers. Since 1970, combined emissions of the six common pollutants dropped by 74 percent, energy-related CO2 emissions fell by over 20 percent globally and the United States leads the world in clean drinking water,” said the Senator. “Which begs the question—do Democrats care about opposing President Trump more than they care about environmental progress?”

Senators in Colorado split their votes with DemocratMichael Bennet voting yes while Republican Cory Gardner voted against the question. In Texas, the two US Senators did not vote. In Kansas, Sen. Jerry Moran voted no while Sen. Pat Roberts did not vote.