Other energy briefs

Other energy stories around the nation.

**The PG and E situation in California where power was cut off to hundreds of thousands of residents in the past week has resulted in one researcher to complain. The University of California researcher claims the power outage might have wiped out $500,000 in cancer studies. She contends she had only 12 hours to prepare to remove her samples and relocate them.

** A new report says the Midwest will be a main driver of 100,000 MW of new solar power over the next decade.

** Wednesday is expected to be the last day that coal is burned at the University of Notre Dame. The University reached the goal one year ahead of schedule.

** In Wisconsin, the state House has approved a measure to fund a project to move coal piles away from a Green Bay river.

** A coal mine in southern Illinois will be closed by the end of the year by Peabody Energy. The company blames “uneconomic mining conditions.”

** On Capitol Hill this week, Democratic senators say they might attempt to force a vote on Obama-era carbon dioxide rules for power plants.