Marathon scores big wells in Oklahoma’s STACK

Houston’s Marathon Oil Company filed more completion reports this week indicating it had production of more than 2,700 barrels a day on a multi-unit well site in Blaine County, 1,500 from two multi-unit wells in Canadian county and 1,700 barrels a day from two wells at the same site in Kingfisher county.

The Blaine County production came from two Marjorie 1710 3-25-36mxh wells drilled at 25 17N 10W, a site about 7 miles southwest of the town of Loyal. One well had production of 1,734 barrels of oil a day along with 2,718 Mcf of natural gas, according to the completion report. Its depth in the Mississippian Lime play was 16,579 feet. The well’s spud date was in March 2019 and drilling ended in May followed by completed in July 2019.

The second Marjorie well, drilled at a depth of 16,800 feet had production of 1,013 barrels of oil a day and gas production of 2,307 Mcf. Combined production from the two wells was 2,747 barrels of oil a day, according to the completion report.

In Canadian County, Marathon Oil drilled two wells on the same pad at 9 13N 7W. One Calvin S 1307 well had production of 830 barrels of oil a day and 1,636 Mcf of gas. The other had production of 720 Barrels of oil a day and 1,642 Mcf of natural gas. The largest well had a January 2019 spud date and drilling ended in February while completion was made in July 2019. The smaller of the two wells had a January spud date followed by the end of drilling in February with a completion made in August 2019.

The two Calvin wells are located several miles north of El Reno and on the east side of highway US 81.

But Marathon also scored two producers on a single pad in Kingfisher County. Not only did it get significant oil production,but the natural gas production was even stronger.

The Mike Stroud Bia 1509 6-28-33mxh wells, located at 33 15N 9W or about 11 miles due west of Okarche, had September 2018 spud dates. Drilling on each ended in December of 2018 while completions were made in March 2019.

One well had production of 706 barrels of oil a day while natural gas production was 10,731 Mcf, according to the completion report. The second well’s oil production was 1,003 barrels a day while natural gas was 5,883 Mcf a day. Total oil production from the two Mike Stroud Bia wells was 1,709 barrels a day. But the natural gas production was a whopping 16,614 Mcf a day.