Legislator named to board for energy center

State Rep. Ken Luttrell (R-Ponca City) today commented on his appointment to the Board of Directors for the Center for Legislative Energy and Environmental Research (CLEER).

Luttrell was elected to represent Oklahoma at the annual meeting of the Energy Council, a nonprofit organization that promotes a balanced national energy strategy and related environmental policies.

“Energy is an incredible part of Oklahoma’s economy and history, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to represent Oklahoma’s interests in this role with CLEER,” Luttrell said. “I appreciate support of my colleagues on the Energy Council and I look forward to hearing from industry professionals and sharing new information with other legislators.”

CLEER provides support for the Energy Council by bringing research and publications of energy policy issues to the Council’s attention and sponsoring forums for dialogue on energy and environmental issues. CLEER’s support helps educate members of the Council with regard to state, national and global energy issues, in order that members may better serve their constituents.

Luttrell was appointed to the Energy Council by House Speaker Charles McCall in May. He currently sits on the House Energy & Natural Resources Committee. He serves House District 37, which covers Kay and Osage Counties, is the home of the Phillips 66 refinery, power generation facilities, wind farms and numerous other energy-related businesses.