Cooler weather to settle into Oklahoma

Oklahoma Climatologist Gary McManus with the Oklahoma Mesonet says there’s no doubt that winter made an early strike at the state but for now, we can expect more cooler fall-like weather in the coming few weeks.

And it means energy workers outdoors will have to make sure they wear at least a jacket during the day, plus more at night.

Here’s what he reported on Monday, complete with his humor: Click on the web addresses to see his weather maps.

Winter has done struck. Might not winter again for awhile, despite another cold front set to arrive tomorrow, but we’ve definitely rung that bell a bit early this year.
For some areas, 2-3 weeks early, at least compared to the average
date of the first fall freeze. For most of the state, that occurs sometime in November. Now the earliest fall freeze dates aren’t that far away, but some of those have been reset after this weekend.
Oklahoma City had it’s 3rd earliest freeze on record, as did Lawton.
Some areas had a hard freeze — let’s call it a scattered hard freeze?? — while the northwest had a widespread hard freeze.
Keep in mind this occurred over the last four mornings, so the impacts of “hours below 28 degrees,” for example, will not be as significant as had they occurred consecutively. The cumulative hours will have SOME impacts, regardless.
Hopefully some find some relief from allergies. I know I hope to not see
another mosquito until March (February? April?).
This next front is more fall front than winter, with temperatures dropping down into the upper 30s and lower 40s, and highs in the 60s mostly.
Winter returns on Monday, possibly, with another strong cold front. Rain chances tonight into tomorrow with the front, and again this weekend (of course).
The starting gate is gone, but we’re still on the first leg.