Latest producers are in Blaine and Grady counties

While Marathon Oil was reporting a 1,000 barrel a day oil well in Blaine County this week, Continental Resources did the same thing with two wells at a site in Grady County.

Marathon Oil of Houston reported the Roser 1611 2-3-34mxh well located at 3 16N 11W or about 4 miles northeast of Watonga had production of 1,054 barrels of oil a day out of the Mississippi Lime. The well, drilled at a total depth of 20,385 had a spud date of October 2018. Drilling finished in January 2019 and completion was made in May 2019.

Continental’s two wells at 33 7N 6W just east of Chickasha had combined production of 1,141 barrels of oil a day out of the Springer formation. The Jantz family 2-33-4-9xhs well was spudded in January and drilling finished in April 2019. Completion was made in June with production of 760 barrels of oil a day and 1,436 Mcf of natural gas. Total drilling depth was 22,100 feet.

The Nancy J well at the same site had production of 381 barrels of oil a day and 758 Mcf of natural gas. It also had a January 2019 spud date and drilling finished in March with completion made in July 2019. Drilling depth was 25,300 feet.